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Meet the writers:

Justin Hunter

Justin was dealt a debilitating blow at a young age when he was introduced to the San Diego Padres. He has grown to love (read: obsess over) the sport of baseball as a whole, but has never been able to shake the painful and self-deprecating title of Padres fan. Justin holds a BS in Business Administration and loves writing. He is married to a wonderful woman who has learned to love the Padres and his incessant baseball-related stories. He has a one-year-old son who will either hate baseball or be the greatest player who ever lived. Definitely one of those two.

You can follow Justin on Twitter @the5_5hole or email him at Justin@MLBInjuryNews.com.


Blaine Blontz

Like Justin, Blaine has had a rough go of it baseball-wise as a fan of the Baltimore Orioles. He enjoys writing about everything MLB. When he’s not writing about baseball, Blaine enjoys spending his time with his wife and family.

You can follow Blaine on Twitter @blaineblontz or email him at Blaine@MLBInjuryNews.com.

Darius Austin

Darius lives in the UK and loves watching, playing and analysing sport. He had very little exposure to baseball until a friend needed an extra player for a fantasy baseball league, and from there he was hooked. He had the good fortune of becoming a Giants fan as a result of drafting Tim Lincecum in one of his first ever fantasy teams and consequently following the fortunes of both Lincecum and the Giants (as well as owning Lincecum on at least one team every year). In the past he has been sports editor for his university's student newspaper, participated in a sports show on the student radio station and blogged a little about football (soccer). Other than baseball, Darius enjoys supporting Tottenham Hotspur, reading and spending time with his wonderful (and very baseball-tolerant) girlfriend. He works in admissions at a university for a teacher training course.  


Raymond Bureau
Raymond is a high-school math and science teacher (since 1993) and has also taught English for high school and college. He is a former radio announcer/producer and loves baseball — he once had his own baseball radio talk show. He has also coached his high school and junior high teams as well as his son’s Little League teams. He currently announces different sports for the high school at which he teaches.
His favorite teams are the Chicago Cubs and New York Yankees.
Raymond is a devoted husband, father, and Christ follower. His life verses are Philippians 4:13, John 14:6, and Isaiah 41:10.
Stuart Wallace

Stuart emigrated from Scotland to the sunnier climes of the West Coast at the height of Fernando-mania and became immediately hooked on baseball. After a brief dalliance as a relief pitcher in college and overseas, he exchanged his slider for a slide-rule and became a neuroscientist. He lives in Washington DC with his wife and Australian Cattle Dog, and can be frequently found at Nationals Park, lamenting the release of Doug Slaten.

Kerry Kauffman

Kerry grew up in the Reading, Pennsylvania area, has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Statistics from Lehigh University and has tutored algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, number theory and other courses at the high school and college level since 2000. His love for sports started at the age of 7 when he started playing baseball, which continued through high school and in a 30 and over recreational league. Other sports he has participated in include intramural basketball in high school and college, football and golf. Growing up a little over an hour from Philadelphia, his favorite sports teams are the Philadelphia Phillies, Philadelphia Eagles and Philadelphia 76ers.


Erin Lee

Erin is a Bay Area native who has been a die-hard San Francisco Giants fan through the best and worst of times. She attributes her love of sports to her father, who ensured she was listening to baseball on the radio before she even learned to talk. She has a degree in Journalism and, after years of trying to talk baseball with anybody who would listen, she decided to start writing about it too. Besides sports, she loves live music, being outdoors, and spending time with her family and friends. Her bucket list includes seeing a game at every major league baseball stadium in the country.  Follow her on Twitter @erinlikessports.


Devin Pangaro

Devin was introduced to baseball at a young age by his maternal grandfather, the late New England sportswriter Len Roberts. Falling in love with every facet of the game, Devin became an ardent supporter of the Oakland Athletics, after witnessing the excellence of the 1989 championship season as a child. After a respectable prep career as a player came to a close, he began to focus his efforts on forging another path to majors on the strength of his ability to write. On the heels of earning an English degree form San Francisco State, Devin can now be found behind the keys of his laptop analyzing and critiquing the best game on earth.  Follow him on Twitter @devinpangaro.


Robert Murray

Robert lives in Wisconsin, home of the cheese and the Packers. He is a 17-year old accomplishing his childhood dream of becoming a sports writer and reporter. Starting this year, he will likely be covering the sports teams at his high school. He is fortunate enough not to have grown up as a just a Brewers fan, but as a fan of all 30 teams. In his young career, Robert has created his own site about baseball, run a Twitter account about baseball signings, rumors and injuries and built some great friends along the way. Other things Robert enjoys are football and basketball and he is a big fan of the Philadelphia Eagles and Golden State Warriors. Yes, they are on different parts of the country. It's weird, he knows. Follow Robert on Twitter @RobertMurrayMLB.

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