Brewers rumors: Can Milwaukee trade Ryan Braun?

While it’s now hard to believe, there was a time when Ryan Braun was considered one of the positive faces of Major League Baseball. Every team in the bigs would want to build around a player such as Braun, and the Milwaukee Brewers were lucky enough to count him among their cornerstone pieces.

Oh how things have changed.

Braun is one of several players that have contributed to the black eye that is performance-enhancing drug use, and he’s now more of a burden than asset for the Brewers. As such, there are those that believe Milwaukee should trade Braun.

Of course, it takes two to tango. By this I mean that there must be a team willing to trade for Braun if the Brewers have any hope of dealing him. At this point, this isn’t something that the Boston Globe’s Nick Cafardo believes will happen. Cafardo spoke with a baseball executive who said he doesn’t believe Braun is going anywhere.
“I don’t think he’s going anywhere. Someone would have to take a big chance and nobody’s doing that on PED guys, especially for that length of contract.”
Braun is owed another $117 million through the 2020 season. He has a $20 million mutual option for 2021 that can be bought out for $4 million. He’ll be 37 years old in 2021.

Braun has also been one of the best young hitters in baseball since joining the major-league ranks in 2007. He owns a career batting line of .312/.374/.564, but who knows how much of that can be credited to PEDs.

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2 Responses to Brewers rumors: Can Milwaukee trade Ryan Braun?

  1. I wish the brewers would trade braun, they can fill that spot. We don't need him here!!!!

  2. thank you for this non-article


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