MLB to try to ban Ryan Braun, Alex Rodriguez for life?

There have been recent reports suggesting that the MLB will try to suspend Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez for 100 games due to their part in the Biogenesis investigation, but it appears the MLB will try to take the punishment to a whole new level.

Here is the report from Darren Rovell of ESPN:

There is chatter that MLB could attempt to ban A-Rod & Braun from the game forever if each instance counts as a violation.

Here is Rovell's response when asked who he was hearing this "chatter" from:

While this is definitely unlikely, it is still a possibility that this happens. Bud Selig and MLB will try to make an example out of this case to try to put a stop to the use of steroids in the game of baseball. If Braun and A-Rod were to get banned for life, I highly doubt that any player would attempt to take steroids if the threat of a life time ban is there.

This is purely in the rumor stage, but Rovell is well connected in baseball, so this report should be taken seriously. MLB, as I said before, will try to make an example out of these players involved in the Biogenesis clinic case, so anything could happen.

The other players involved in this case are Nelson CruzGio GonzalezMelky CabreraEverth CabreraFrancisco CervelliYasmani Grandal, Jordan Noberto, Jhonny PeraltaCesar PuelloFautino de los Santos, not including Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez. While the rest of the players involved are not expected to get a life time ban, they still could face suspensions of 50 or more games. The only player on that list who we know will not get suspended is Gio Gonzalez, as he received legal substances.

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