Tigers' shortstop Jhonny Peralta linked to Biogenesis scandal

Jhonny Peralta is the most recent name to be linked to the Biogenesis PED scandal.  Another player's name was expected to be released yesterday after Jesus Montero was linked.  However, the connection that both Montero and Peralta have to the clinic is not clear.

Peralta's name was not mentioned with any PEDs says Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated.  This is similar to Montero and Ryan Braun.  Neither of their names were tied directly to PEDs.  The original names that came out with the Miami New Times report of the scandal all had direct links to drugs.  That is why these names were not immediately released.

Peralta has not been prone to injuries, so he would not have had a reason to experiment with PEDs to get back on the field.  He has not had a terribly obvious year in which his numbers spiked.  In 2005 and 2011 he was fantastic, but the numbers don't jump off the page.  It is possible that, like Braun, there is another, non-PED reason, Peralta's name is in the records.

Peralta has denied using PEDs after the report came out, and the team released a statement saying they would cooperate with MLB's investigation but could not comment.

In his career, Peralta is a .264/.327/.422 hitter.

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