The Yankees shouldn't make a trade to replace Granderson

Whether the rumors are all media inspired or not, the New York Yankees may be willing to trade for an outfielder to replace the injured Curtis Granderson.  Granderson was hit by a pitch by Toronto's J.A. Happ in his first at-bat of the spring.  It's one of those things that happens in every sport.  Injuries happen in meaningless games.  But to dwell on that fact and say that these games are pointless is a mistake.  The injury could have happened at any point in spring or in he regular season.

What the Yankees must do now is react.  However, they need to react after thinking things through.  They need to make a logical decision, not an emotional one.  New York wants to win.  We all know that.  While the sons of George Steinbrenner have not shown that same intensity the Boss always did, they have shown they're commitment to winning.  But such a commitment can lead to bad moves - like trading to get an outfielder to replace Granderson.

Alfonso Soriano and Vernon Wells have already been mentioned as possible trade targets.  There will be others linked to the vacant left field job in New York.  But do the Yankees actually need to make a trade?  Should they?  Granderson is going to be out until May.  Ten weeks is the estimate.  Does New York need to trade someone away for a short-term replacement?

The answer seems clear, but the trade rumors will persist.  It's inconceivable that New York can sit back and allow the team to carry on without a star, even for ten weeks.  When Alex Rodriguez went down with his hip injury, the team signed Kevin Youkilis.  They seem poised to make a similar move with Granderson's injury.

But the truth is, New York was going to have a tough time this season regardless of Granderson's injury.  A-Rod could miss the entire season, Derek Jeter may be hobbled by his surgically-repaired ankle, the pitching staff is decent but not great, and Mark Teixeira will have to find a way to stay healthy.  They are playing in a re-invigorated American League East where any of the five teams can make the postseason.  They won't lose the division in April and May, but they can lose their future in that time if they trade for a replacement in left field.

New York may not contend this season.  Or they might contend and fall short because of the number of good teams in the AL East.  This is true with or without Granderson in the lineup.  So, why trade someone within the organization for a replacement left fielder?  Instead, the Yankees should use what they have.  They may have to settle for not platooning guys like they expected (Matt Diaz), or moving infielders to the outfield (Eduardo Nunez).  But if they can carry on and just hold tight while Granderson recovers, the Yankees may be in a  better position this year and going forward if they don't make a trade.

If a deal to replace Granderson short-term was certain to help keep the Yankees on pace for the play-offs, such a trade would make sense.  However, any player New York were to get to play left would need to be an upgrade over what they have.  To get a player like that, the Yankees would have to give up something they can't afford to lose - a prospect.  Instead, they should just look internally for candidates to play left field while Granderson recovers.

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2 Responses to The Yankees shouldn't make a trade to replace Granderson

  1. Yankees signed Youkilis as a free agent.

  2. Eduardo Perez? You mean Eduardo Nunez? Get your facts straight. You screwed up with Youkilis also. Do you honestly follow the Yankees at all???


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