Replacing Curtis Granderson: Vernon Well, Alfonso Soriano

As soon as he went down, the New York Yankees were searching for another outfielder.  Curtis Granderson was hit by a pitch yesterday and eventually diagnosed with a fractured forearm.  While the front office may not actually have reacted that quickly, it seems certain the team will try to fill the void as Granderson heals.  Two players have already been mentioned as trade targets: Vernon Wells and Alfonso Soriano.

While either player may eventually land in New York, it seems that neither is too eager to go now.

Wells has struggled in his time with the Los Angeles Angels.  He has talked about making a come back and proving to the team and the fans that he can still play.  He won't be able to do that if he is in New York.
Soriano seems like the obvious candidate since he made a name for himself in New York.  However, Soriano is coming close to the end of his career.  He has previously indicated that he would play for a contender, but would that contender be his old club?

Granderson's injury puts the Yankees in a bind, but they have all of spring to figure something out.  That's both the beauty and the problem with spring training.  Granderson was hurt in a meaningless game, but because of that it gives the team time to react.

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