Rangers scouting Masahiro Tanaka out of Japan

Forgetting about the money associated with the deal, the Texas Rangers have had some pretty good luck recently with Japanese pitchers.  They landed Yu Darvish who put together a very nice rookie campaign for them.  Now, the same scout that helped bring Darvish to the Rangers will be scouting another Japanese player" Masahiro Tanaka.

The right-handed pitcher will not be coming to the Majors this year, but as Gary Fraley of the Dallas Morning News says, Tanaka could enter the posting process after this season making his move to the Majors possible for next year.

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Starting pitching will be an important commodity for the Texas Rangers this season.  They struggled to keep their pitchers healthy last year.  While Tanaka will not be able to assist this season, the fact that the Rangers are still out looking for pitching help is a positive sign.  They recently locked up Matt Harrison to a long-term deal, and they have been constantly evaluating their rotation this offseason.  The club does not want to be in a position where they are digging deep into their farm system or looking to free agency to overcome injuries.

Tanaka may never make it to the Ranger.  He may never make it to America, but he's performed well in Japan.  In six seasons, he has posted a 75-35 record to go along with a sparkling 2.50 ERA.  He is just 24 years old, so the sooner a team can get him to the Majors the better.

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