Cubs rumors: Alfonso Soriano open to trade

Outfielder Alfonso Soriano has said that he wants to be a part of the next winning Chicago Cubs’ team. However, if the Cubbies fall out of contention this season, something could happen sooner than later, Soriano would be interested in being traded, according to Jesse Rogers of ESPN Chicago.

Soriano’s top priorities include going to a team where he would feel comfortable and that could provide him a shot at competing for a title. However, he does have other characteristics he’s seeking in a potential new team.

Take last year for example. The Cubs attempted to trade Soriano to the San Francisco Giants, the eventual 2012 World Series champions. But the veteran vetoed the deal using his no-trade clause, saying that San Francisco’s cold weather would affect his knees.

Entering this season, Soriano says he and the Cubs are on the same page regarding which teams he will accept trades to. The slugger said there are six or seven teams in the east or central that he’s given Chicago as potential landing spots he would approve.

Soriano is set to make $36 million over the next two seasons and he’s a 37-year-old outfielder suiting up for a rebuilding team. While he would seem to be an obvious trade candidate, Chicago has said it appreciates his production and leadership in the clubhouse. For this reason they aren’t simply going to give Soriano away.

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