Los Angeles Angels Hope Josh Hamilton Can Handle Temptation

Josh Hamilton will take the field for his first season with theLos Angeles Angels this April after five seasons with the Texas Rangers.He’s had his problems along the way in his career with drugs and alcohol buthas always had a close support system for the few times he’s slipped up

For most this might be getting old always hearing about hisoff the field issues but it’s a very serious issue when there are millions ofdollars on the line. With the transition to a big city ball club the questionshave been raised about whether he will be able to stay away from thetemptations that come with being a recovering drug and alcohol user in a bigcity.

In an interview with Karl Ravech from ESPN, Hamilton said, "It'sanywhere. It all comes down to choices you make. If you want to get into trouble,you'll get into trouble.” Which is very true, yes Arlington, Texas isn’t LosAngeles but you can find trouble where ever you are if you really want to. Hisbiggest thing will be his support system which he says will be with him in LosAngeles.

"Support system is big ... everybody concerned about itbeing a difficult situation or a unique situation. Well, it's not. My supportsystem is God, my family and Shayne Kelley (Hamilton's accountability partner)-- and all those guys are here with me,” he said to Ravech concerning his teamof supporters. It seems like a lot of the people that know him aren’t concernedso maybe the fans shouldn’t be either.

Hamilton’s not so new teammate C.J. Wilson played with himin Texas and will now be reunited with the slugger in Los Angeles and seems tothink Hamilton will be just fine. Wilson had this to say about the situation, "SoI'm not worried about those things as much. I don't think those things evereffected his play. There's a lot of guys in the major leagues that do a lotworse than Josh does." Even at one point while talking to team owner JohnCarpino, Wilson offered to move next door to Hamilton if that’s what it took toget him there.

For the most part the off the field issues have not been “serious”in sense that he doesn’t do illegal things. Other than his early careermistakes with drugs he mostly has just struggled with alcohol where he has admittedhe has a problem. This is not to say it isn’t a serious issue because it is amoral issue but not a legal one that the Angels have to deal with. Like Wilson saidin his quote, people do much worse than Hamilton.

As a family man he wants to be accountable for his actionsand holds himself to a higher standard which is something players could do moreof to be honest. I don’t think the Angels will have many issues with Hamiltonon the field but I wouldn’t be surprised to see another slip by the troubled31-year-old.

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