An open letter to Alex Rodriguez

This is a "letter to the editor" type submission from one of our readers.  This letter comes from Katie R.  If you'd like to submit a letter to the editor, please email us.  If it's good enough, we may run it here. 


Dear Alex Rodriguez,

At the end of the day, you are going to retire.  You know it, and I know it.  Your options are retire now, citing this hip injury, and go out as an embattled player who MLB will lose interest in shortly thereafter, or you can go out when they catch you lying.  Then your legacy is that of the highest paid liar in the game.  I feel like this is an easy choice, but you seem conflicted.

First of all, you aren't kidding anyone with this New York rehab thing.  Sure, Biogenesis is in Florida, and so is spring training, but this isn't one of those guilty by association things.  It's is a guilty by guilt situation. It's not as if I am thinking to myself "oh he's in New York! No way he's getting PEDs up there!"  No one but your mom is buying this "oh they are just picking on Alex" routine. 

Secondly, staying away from your team just puts up an air of "I'm too cool to rehab with my team".  As if those poor fools who have supported you, in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, aren't worth your presence while you heal?  if you do decide to try to continue your career beyond this surgery and this scandal, you will have irreparably damaged your relationship with your team. 

Although, lets be honest, you didn't have much work to do to get to the point of irreparable damage did you? How do you expect people who work their tails off to react to cheating on their own team?  But when you give them the cold shoulder during the investigation and refuse to cop to what did, you can't expect much sympathy.  

No wonder your own buddy, Mark Teixeira, told the New York Daily News that your absence really wouldn't even be felt.  "There's 90 guys in there right now; even if he was here I'm not sure I'd see him," Teixeira said.  I know the idea of being "one of 90 guys" is not something you've ever considered yourself to be, but really, that's where you are now.  One really abhorrent guy out of 90.

So let me reiterate: it's time to retire.  Let the Yankees take their 85% insurance payout and walk like a gentleman.  If there's a scrap of gentleman left in you.

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