Yankees rumors: Voiding Alex Rodriguez’s contract unrealistic?

There has been speculation that the New York Yankees will attempt to void third baseman Alex Rodriguez’s remaining contract due to use of performance-enhancing drugs and his hip injury. However, the team knows there is little chance of voiding Rodriguez’s contract, an act termed “unrealistic” by David Waldstein of The New York Times.

The Yankees can dream of getting out from under their staggering financial obligation to Alex Rodriguez, but they know there is little chance of voiding Rodriguez’s contract, even if it is proved that he used performance-enhancing drugs while a member of the team.

Waldstein notes that MLB’s player’s association will fight the Yankees’ attempt at voiding Rodriguez’s. The 37-year-old has five years and $114 million remaining on his current deal with New York.

While he doesn’t view voiding the contract as a realistic option, the Yankees could still recoup some of their investment in several other scenarios.

If Rodriguez’s hip injury results in his retirement prior to or during the 2013 season, the Yankees could potentially collect up to 85 percent of Rodriguez’s remaining salary through insurance. New York could also negotiate a buyout with Rodriguez, but the third baseman isn’t expected to agree to take much, if any, less than the full amount he’s owed. The final scenario would see Rodriguez finish his career with the Yankees.

It sounds like New York is itching to part ways with Rodriguez, so I would expect one of the first two scenarios mentioned to take place. It’s hard to tell the nature and ultimate impact of his injury at this time, but Rodriguez currently seems intent on continuing his career.

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