Yankees Not Interested in Brining Rafael Soriano Back

Although Rafael Soriano performed wonderfully for the New York Yankees in Mariano Rivera's absence, the club does not seem to keen on bringing him back.  Soriano turned down the club's qualifying offer this offseason to test the free agent market.  Now, after finding limited interest, Soriano may not even be able to return to New York.

When asked about Rafael Soriano potentially returning to the Yankees, GM Brian Cashman was very clear that the team was not interested, and Anthony Reiber of the Newsday says his return is unlikely.

"I cannot talk about players on the free-agent market," Cashman said. "But I am not looking for bullpen help, I can tell you that."
When Rivera tore his knee, the Yankees tried a few different combinations at closer until they found one that worked.  Rafael Soriano worked.  He saved 42 games and posted a 2.26 ERA.  He remained healthy throughout the season while others in the bullpen couldn't keep off the disabled list.  There's no question Soriano was important to the Yankees making the postseason last year.  Unfortunately, he got too expensive.

Soriano made $11 million in 2012.  The Yankees made him a one-year qualifying offer of $13.3 million this offseason, but Soriano declined the offer to test the market.  That was probably a mistake.  Teams have shied away from Soriano because of his monetary cost and because of the fact that they would have to give up draft picks to the Yankees.  Now, it will be interesting to see where Soriano lands and if he ultimately takes less than what the Yankees originally offered.

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2 Responses to Yankees Not Interested in Brining Rafael Soriano Back

  1. Not only is he expensive but I get the feeling he's not the greatest teammate in the world either. Always seems like he's off in his own world and doesn't interact much with his teammates.

  2. There could certainly be some character issues or at least concerns out there, as Soriano continues to be available.


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