The New York Mets and Michael Bourn

As we discussed a couple days ago, it seems unlikely that the New York Mets will sign Michael Bourn primarily because of the draft pick compensation they will have to give up.  The Mets hold the 11th pick in the draft this year which happens to be the first unprotected pick in the new CBA's compensation system.  If they sign Bourn, they would have to give that 11th overall pick to the Braves. That is, unless they can successfully petition the league to protect that pick.

According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, the Major League Baseball Players' Association would back the Mets in any request to allow them to protect their 11th overall pick.

The entire landscape of the Michael Bourn discussion changes if the Mets are successful in this petition.  In fact, the team would go from unlikely contender to land him to probable landing place.  New York can afford Bourn's ultimate contract (barely), but they can't sacrifice an 11th overall pick while they try to rebuild.

Bourn is fast and plays fantastic defense.  Those are his two biggest qualities.  He also seems to be pretty durable and avoids injury.  However, he doesn't hit for a high average and doesn't have any power.  Teams interested in him are banking almost exclusively on Bourn's speed and defense.  Any offense he puts up would just be a bonus.

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