MLB and Players Agree to HGH Testing

In the wake of the 2013 Hall of Fame voting that elected noone into the MLB Hall of Fame the Players Association and MLB have agreedto test for HGH this season. In 2011 they agreed to such testing fortestosterone but only in the spring, today’s agreement will allow blood testingduring the season.

The New York Times reported this morning that the deal wasin to be announced on Thursday by MLB, and they will establish a new testingregimen for testosterone also. This will put MLB further ahead of other sportsin drug testing considering that the closest is the NFL and they have no suchtesting for HGH.

Testosterone has been a hot topic in baseball in past yearswith Melky Cabrera, Ryan Braun, and Bartolo Colon all testing positive for thesubstance last year, although Braun’s test was overruled after an appeal. Thenew testing will set baselines for players, deciding where their testosteronelevels should be normally. This is a huge step for MLB in an effort toprevent another situation like this year’s Hall of Fame voting.

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  1. Learn how to spell. Didn't understand any of it

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I assure as one who edited this piece, the spelling and grammar is proper. Please understand hat formatting issues happen and as you can see, words were merged together. Thanks for reading!


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