Mariners' Felix Hernandez Has No Interest in Four-Year Deal

Not long ago, the rumors began to swirl about a possible four-year contract extension for Seattle Mariners ace Felix Hernandez.  After his dominating performances over the last few seasons, it would make sense for the Mariners to try to lock him up for as long as possible.  However, Hernandez may not be interested in such an extension.

Jon Heyman of CBS Sports says Hernandez is looking for more year.  Rather than the rumored four-year deal, King Felix is looking for a six-year extension.  Heyman says there are no serious talks regarding a contract extension right now for that very reason.  The Mariners may not be ready to invest six years.  But they should be.

Felix Hernandez won the American League Cy Young in 2010, he has been in the running for another the past two seasons, and he threw the first perfect game in Mariners history last season.  Without Hernandez, the Mariners would be far from respectable.  They didn't quite finish with a .500 record last season, but if Hernandez was gone, they would have been far worse.

Hernandez has two years left on his five-year, $78 million deal.  He has been in the league eight years now, and in that time he has a 98-76 record with a 3.22 ERA.  Hernandez has pitched 200 or more innings in five-straight seasons.  He has pitched 190 or more innings in seven-straight seasons.  He is the cornerstone of a franchise the Mariners have been looking for.  But they'll have to offer a six year extension if they are going to keep that cornerstone.

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4 Responses to Mariners' Felix Hernandez Has No Interest in Four-Year Deal

  1. A cornerstone has to be a player who plays every day. If Felix wins 25 games then the Mariners are at .500. Do we need such an expensive pitcher instead of investing that money in an offense??? Don't think so!!!!

    1. Who do you think the M's would be better off spending the money on?

  2. If the M'S could score more runs to support their Starters, they would give Felix MANY more wins along with the other starters in the rotation..

  3. If we can lock him up in an extension, I think it's best to do so. Almost our entire roster is on a one year deal or under team control right now and once we can opt out of our tv deal and possibly quadruple that income source, we'll have a lot more money around 2015. He has 2 years and $39.5m left on his deal and it'll take around a 6 year $150-160m extension to keep him around. Basically we'd have him for the next 8 years for $190-200mil. That's on par with a Greinke (6-147m), Sabathia (8-182m), etc. and Felix is one of those players you want to keep on your team for their career if they're willing to do so. Aside from Felix's 238 career starts, our 2-5 right now projects to have a combined 65-85 total combined career starts throwing to a 20 year old catcher and our prospects are not guarantees.. while Felix is one of the very few elite pitchers in the game. After this year almost our entire team will be under team control, it's not like we have a multitude of players of Felix's caliber due for huge extensions anytime soon. If we don't extend him, and instead move him for prospects, we'll enter year 13 of our two year rebuilding project. We need to lock him up in my opinion.


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