Mets Rumors: New York to Trade Johan Santana?

Johan Santana will most likely be the opening day starter for the New York Mets considering they shipped R.A. Dickey off to Toronto this offseason. Even though the two-time Cy Young Award winner will be taking the mound for opening day that doesn’t mean that he will finish the year with the Mets.

Bob Klapisch of the Record seems to think that the Mets will be looking to move Santana a couple months into the season. The Mets were looking at the future by sending R.A. Dickey to Toronto, and everyone knows that both Dickey and Santana are not young pups anymore so it would seem to make sense for the Mets to try to sell the left-hander to the highest bidder.

What is also well known is Santana’s trouble with his health, as he’s had a long history of injuries and there is no doubt that a team will want to be 100% sure that he’s healthy before they pull the trigger on a deal.

Santana will be making $25.5 million this year with an option for 2014 so this makes him a very intriguing candidate for a trade. This makes the beginning of the season very important for both Santana and the Mets; if he can produce at a high level this could work out well for both parties.

Last season Santana finished off the first three months with a 6-4 record with his ERA in all those months being under 3.09. Considering what kind of team is formed in New York, these numbers are pretty good. Johan Santana very well could be pitching for another team at some point in 2013.

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