Adam LaRoche and Nationals Agree to a Two-Year Deal

Although he was seeking three years, Adam LaRoche compromised to stay in the city that helped get him to the postseason again.  He and the Washington Nationals have agreed to a two-year deal.  The Nationals had been offering two years all along, but LaRoche wanted to see what he could get on the free agent market.

According to ESPN's Buster Olney, LaRoche's deal is worth $24 million over the two years including the 2015 buyout.

The interesting thing about this deal is that LaRoche's 2013 contract is about $3 million less than what it would have been had he accepted the qualifying offer the Nationals tendered him back in November.  Of course, that contract would have been for one year and only guaranteed LaRoche $13.3 million as opposed to $24 million.

LaRoche was a big part of the Nationals playoff run, a run that saw the city end a drought of playoff hopelessness quickly closing in on 100 years.  Now, he will be back to try to take Washington further.  A first round exit may have ben acceptable in 2012, but the fans and the team will demand more in 2013.

LaRoche, 33, played in a career-high 154 games last season.  While that is impressive, the Nationals will need to be cautious with his health.  LaRoche played in just 43 games in 2011 thanks to a torn labrum in his shoulder that required surgery.  Shoulder injuries have a way of coming back, just ask Scott Rolen.

Regardless, this move should be a good one for Washington.  They will have a big bat in their lineup playing first base and they will have less to do on the free agent market now.

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