Yuniesky Betancourt Expects a Deal Soon

The Kansas City Royals didn't want him back, and most people think Yuniesky Betancourt will get a minor league deal at best, but his agent says otherwise. Betancourt and his agent believe the 30-year old will find a Major League gig soon.

According to comments made by Betancourt's agent, Alex Esteban, to MLB Trade Rumors, Betancourt is drawing a lot of interest.

"I can assure you that Yuni will be signing a Major League contract. Currently, there are four teams we are in conversations with and we expect to be finalizing a deal shortly after the holidays," Esteban said.
Betancourt hit just .228/.256/.400.  His power numbers, as pointed out in MLB Trade Rumors' piece, were better than average last season, but still nothing to get excited about.  In fact, Betancourt has failed to generate excitement for a number of years.  But he is a veteran, and he knows how to play the game. He can fill holes for a team in need.

While it seems more likely that he would get a minor league deal, there could be a team that takes a shot on him.  He remained relatively healthy last season, but he did suffer an ankle injury in May that landed him on the disabled list.  Beyond the injury, though, Betancourt did not get as much playing time as he may have because of his attitude.  It was made very public during the season that Betancourt was perceived as a selfish player.

Of course, selfish players get jobs all the time.  We'll see if that job is in the Majors or minors.

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