Alex Rodriguez Injury Update: What is the Yankees' 3B Facing Ahead?

By now, Alex Rodriguez's hip impingement has been well documented.  Rodriguez will undergo surgery for the impingement in mid-January and is expected to be out 4-6 months.  It is a tough blow to the New York Yankees, but if Rodriguez can come back healthier and closer to his vintage self, the time missed will be well worth the procedure.

Rodriguez's mobility was clearly affected by the injury, thus reducing his production both in the field and at the plate in 2012.  He stumbled through the season never really getting into his groove.  The result was the lowest home run total for Rodriguez since 1995 when he played in just 48 games.  In fact, the injury resulted in one of Rodriguez's worst seasons ever.

With this type of injury, it's important to understand what goes into the recovery process.  We reached out to Dr. Ray Solano for some insight.  Dr. Solano had this to say about Rodriguez's injury:

Alex Rodriguez has a hip impingement that has over time created tears into his labrum. Simply put, doctors need to go in and repair the labrum surgically. In addition, they need to go to the cause of the problem which is removing the bony irregularities along the borders of the hip joint that caused the labrum tears in the first place. 
It's a very successful procedure. It requires extensive rehabilitation and may bench ARod for the first half of the 2013 season. I expect his mobility to be much better after the procedure, thus enhancing his performance. 
Many experts say this type of injury can easily be prevented in athletes by always maintaining proper hip joint flexibility. 
The Yankees hope that when Rodriguez returns, he will be more like his 2010 self.  However, regardless of how successful the surgery and recovery is, Rodriguez has seen a decline in his durability for the last five seasons.  He has not played in more than 137 games since 2007.

If Rodriguez can return to form, New York will be in good shape.  They have Kevin Youkilis as an alternative and potential DH, and they will be getting the active leader in home runs back in their lineup.  Rodriguez is a career .300/.384/.560 hitter with 647 home runs.

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