Phillies Rumors: Philadelphia Targeting Upton, Bourn, Pagan and Victorino

While the Philadelphia Phillies are focusing on adding a center fielder and have been most heavily tied to free agents B.J. Upton and Michael Bourn, general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. told Jim Salisbury of that the team is also considering Angel Pagan and former center fielder Shane Victorino.

Amaro mentioned Upton, Angel Pagan, Michael Bourn and Victorino, all free agents, as centerfield candidates. “It’s just a matter of which guy stands out for us and which one helps us put all the pieces together,” he said.

Amaro added that he can’t afford to “put all our resources in one area and not address others,” saying the Phillies don’t have unlimited funds available. While it’s possible Philadelphia adds an outfielder or two via trade, Amaro says it’s “more likely” they do so through free agency.

Center field is the focus, but Amaro did say that the team is also looking into corner outfielders. Beyond Upton, Bourn, Pagan and Victorino, the Phillies have been tied to corner outfielders Cody Ross and Nick Swisher this offseason.

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3 Responses to Phillies Rumors: Philadelphia Targeting Upton, Bourn, Pagan and Victorino

  1. Yes to Angel Pagan and/or Josh Hamilton. Maybe to Michael Bourn or Nick Swisher. No to BJ Upton, Shane Victorino, or Cody Ross.

    1. Looks like Upton may be one of their top choices. Not up for a Victorino return?

    2. Why not Upton Could be huge for him and the Phillies.


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