Padres Rumors: San Diego May Be Interested in Joe Blanton

The San Diego Padres were hit hard by injuries in 2012.  They may have been the hardest hit team in baseball.  They used more starting pitchers throughout the season than any other club in the league.  They called up players early because they had no choice.  Yet, the team still finished with a better record than the year before.  Now, it's not surprising that the team is interested in adding starting pitching depth - as long as that depth does not come with a high injury risk attached.

One pitcher the Padres may be interested in is Joe Blanton.  According to Corey Brock of, a pitcher like Joe Blanton may be of interest to the team.  Blanton's durability over the years would be an attractive quality.  Blanton, who is a free agent this offseason, does not quite fit into GM Josh Byrnes' plans for pursuing trades over free agents, but he could still be an option.

"We have focused most of our energy on starting pitching ... with more of our energy on trades than free agency," Byrnes said. "Now we have to bide our time and find the ones who fit."
Blanton has been in the league for nine seasons.  In those nine years, he has eclipsed 190 innings-pitched six times.  That's a quality the Padres would love to have.  Blanton has also racked up an uncanny strikeout to walk ratio.  In 2012, his K/BB ratio was 4.88.  The biggest knock on Blanton is his ERA.  In his career, he has a 4.37 ERA.  However, pitching at Petco, even after the team modifies the fences, would help him.

San Diego needs starting pitchers who can throw for a full season.  In 2012, they had just two pitcher remain relatively healthy and able to go for the whole year.  Blanton could help in that department.

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