MLB Hot Stove: Injured Free Agent Update

Every site that covers baseball (and doesn't shut down during the offseason) is talking about the hot stove.  Trade rumors, real or manufactured, seem to sprout almost by the minute.  Included in these rumors are the 2013 free agents.  We want to update you with all the 2013 free agents who are currently injured or coming off an injury.  We gave you the initial list as the season came to a close, but we thought it would be good to keep you updated.  So here you go:

Ryan Dempster
Dan Haren
Daisuke Matsuzaka
Randy Wolf
Brandon McCarthy
Tim Stauffer
Ryan Madson
Mike Adams
Joakim Soria
Andy Pettitte
Dustin Moseley
Bartolo Colon
Mariano Rivera
Juan Carlos Oviedo
Jose Contreras
Todd Coffey
George Sherrill
Tim Byrdak
Mike Napoli
Lance Berkman
Freddy Sanchez
Marco Scutaro
Scott Rolen
Stephen Drew
Jason Bartlett
Josh Hamilton
Scott Hairston

If you read through this entire list, I congratulate you.  Did we miss anyone?  Let us know below.  As you can tell, the list is not sorted in any sort of predictable manner.  We just tried to include everyone with an injury, returning from an injury, or with a recent injury that could flare up.

These players all will have to deal with their injuries as part of a negotiating chip for teams looking to sign them.  Injuries reduce value.  That's no secret.  Now, we will just have to wait and see where they all end up - if anywhere.

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