Mike Napoli Does Not Receive a Qualifying Offer from Rangers

While teammate Josh Hamilton received a qualifying offer from the Texas Rangers, Mike Napoli did not.  A qualifying offer would have been around $13.3 million.  The Rangers made the decision that they didn't feel Napoli was worth that.  This does not mean he won't return to Texas.  It simply means, the Rangers will try to sign him for less.

According to Mac Engel of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the Rangers understand expecting Napoli to return to 2011 form is a risk.  However, Engel says some general manager out there may take that risk.  Texas, though, feels as if Napoli is worth less than a qualifying offer, and they are willing to part ways if another team pays him that or more.

Napoli battled a hamstring injury this season that kept him out for some time.  In 2012, Napoli played in just 108 games.  It was the lowest total since the 2008 season when he played in 74 games.  In addition, Napoli hit just .227/.343/.469.  In 2011, Napoli had a career year.  He batted .320/.414/.631 and clubbed 30 home runs.

If the Rangers and Napoli can't work out a deal, Napoli will certainly attract a lot of attention as a free agent.  He made $9.4 million this past season.  If he does not make the $13.3 million the Rangers would have had to offer to ensure draft pick compensation, he will surely make double-digit millions.

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