Los Angeles Dodgers Rumors: Does Trading Andre Ethier Make Any Sense?

Andre Ethier was relatively healthy this past season.  After failing to crack 140 games-played in 2010 and 2011, Ethier played in 149 games this past season.  His health should be something teams are concerned about if they intend to trade for him.  However, is Etheir really on the market?  Should he be?

According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, the Dodgers have no real reason to trade Ethier.  Los Angeles just signed Ethier to a five year extension during the 2012 season.  Ethier has been productive for them over the years.  A trade would not make sense, says Rosenthal.

In his seven year with the Dodgers, Ethier has hit .290/362/.476.  He has shown some pop as well as a propensity for getting on base.  In 2009, Ethier hit a career-high 31 home runs.  He has 21 home runs per 162 games-played.  The Dodgers need that kind of production, and unless they receive something big in return, are unlikely to ship Ethier somewhere else.

If the Dodgers do decide to trade Ethier, they will need someone to fill the outfield void.  Last season, the team addressed its lack of production in the outfield by acquiring Carl Crawford along with three others as part of a blockbuster deal with the Red Sox.  Crawford is coming off Tommy John surgery, but should be ready for next season.  He alone, though, would not be a substitute for Ethier.  Therefore, it seems completely unlikely that Los Angeles will move him.

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