Injuries and Rumors: Mike Napoli, Marco Scutaro, Corey Hart

Whether old, lingering, or currently bothersome, injuries play a role in the free agent and trade market.  Even and old injury that shows no signs of currently affecting a player can rear its ugly head at the worst time.  This is why general managers spend the offseason weighing the risks verse rewards of picking up players with an injury history or players who have had recent injuries.  Here are some updates on such players:

  • Jon Heyman of CBS Sports says the Seattle Mariner may be interested in Mike Napoli.  Napoli strained his quad in the second half of the season and missed a large chunk of time.  The injury appears to be completely healed, but after a disappointing 2012 campaign, any team interested in Napoli will have to take that into account.  Napoli hit just .227/.343/.469 this past season. 
  • Marco Scutaro injured his hip in the National League Championship series against the St. Louis Cardinals.  The injury may have knocked him out of one game, but it sure didn't slow him down.  Scutaro won the NLCS MVP award.  After the emotion and addrenaline of the World Series wears off, that's when the true lingering affects of the injury can be examined.  But that doesn't seem to matter to the San Francisco Giants.  According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, the Giants are trying to re-sign Scutaro. 
  • Corey Hart's start to 2012 was a shaky one.  It wasn't clear if he would start the season on the disabled list or not.  He was battling a knee injury that required surgery in March.  He did not hit the disabled list.  He then battled plantar fascitis in his left foot.  It essentially made him a day-to-day type player for quite some time.  Regardless, the Milwaukee Brewers are talking contract extension says Rosenthal and expect him to play first base next season.  

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