Extension Debate: Should the Phillies Extend Roy Halladay?

When the Philadelphia Phillies brought Roy Halladay on, they believed he was part of the solution and would help net the team a World Series title.  They were right.  In 2008, the Phillies won it all.  However, they have struggled and feel short of expectations since.  Halladay on the other hand, has been a portrait of consistency until this season when he hurt his shoulder.  That shoulder injury may have cost him an extension with Philadelphia.

According to Jayson Stark of ESPN, the Phillies had considered an extension earlier in 2012 for Halladay.  However, they tabled discussions when Halladay hurt his shoulder.  Now, any talk of an extension is in its preliminary stage.

"I guess it's still possible," said Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. "But a lot has to do with how he feels and how he performs. So that's a decision and a conversation that would probably have to go into the spring, and maybe into the season."
Halladay hit the disabled list in late May with a lat strain, but he had been experiencing shoulder sorriness up to that point.  Halladay ultimately only made 25 starts in 2012.  It was his lowest total since 2005 when he was still pitching with the Toronto Blue Jays.

The injuries seems to have contributed to a poor year overall as well.  Halladay went 11-8 with a 4.48 ERA.  The ERA was his highest since 2000 when he somehow posted a 10.63 ERA.  Of course, the Phillies would be hesitant in signing Halladay to an extension now.  They have grown into one of the league's oldest teams.  And that has not worked for them.  Philadelphia finished 2012 at 81-81.  They actually had to make a late season run even to finish at .500.

Halladay is under contract through next season.  He has a vesting option for the 2014 season if he hits 225 innings-pitched in 2013.  This gives Philadelphia time to work out a new contract if the so choose. But they will need to make up their mind by July of next year.  There is no guarantee that Hallday will pitch 225 innings in 2013, so that season may be their last with the All-Star pitcher if they don't extend him.

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