Josh Hamilton Rumors: Brewers Seriously Considering Hamilton

The Milwaukee Brewers are seriously considering making a run at free agent outfielder Josh Hamilton this offseason, reports Jon Heyman of

The Milwaukee Brewers are seriously considering a run at superstar free-agent outfielder Josh Hamilton, according to people familiar with their thinking.

Hamilton has the potential to receive a hefty contract this winter, but there are questions surrounding his market due to his injury history and off-the-field issues. It’s also not clear which teams will become involved for the free agent, as Heyman says the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers aren’t expected “to play.”

Heyman notes that the Brewers feel Milwaukee is a good market for Hamilton and like their chances considering hitting coach Johnny Narron is extremely close to the slugger.

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7 Responses to Josh Hamilton Rumors: Brewers Seriously Considering Hamilton

  1. is hamilton better then granderson?

    1. No question about it. Here's what you get with Granderson: home runs and power, but low OBP and batting avg. With Hamilton you get it all and really good defense.

    2. He strikes out a lot and no, his defense caused the Rangers the division crown against the A's!!!
      His offense went down hill the last couple of months of the season and it the time when you need a good player to be a great player, all his offense was in the begining to the middle of the season, championships aren't won in the beginning or the middle of the season!!!!

    3. You are right - you get it all from Hamilton. But historically you only get it for around 100 games a year. He is Roy Hobbs...but he is also fragile and mentally weak.

    4. I agree on both counts. Hamilton struggled throughout the second half of this season probably due to nagging injuries. But when he's right, he's good!

    5. When Hamilton is good, there's no doubt he is the best. However, Hamilton is not consistent with his sucess, he is not dedicated to his team for 162 games, and he continues to hide behind god and religion to sheild his personal problems and mental issues.

      Bottom line Hamilton could be a great addition to any team; but he is a ticking time bomb and when he goes off I'd hate to be the team holding onto his guaranteed multi-million dollar contract.

    6. Like a really crazy game of hot potato right?!


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