Red Sox Injury News: David Ortiz Could End Up in New York

David Ortiz wants to remain in Boston.  He wants to end his career with the Red Sox.  However, to do so, he is looking for a two-year contract.  The Red Sox did not want to give him more than a year last offseason, and it is very possible they will not want to go beyond a year this offseason.  However, if they do not offer a two-year deal, there may be another team willing to go in for multiple years on the recovering slugger; the New York Yankees.

Ortiz is coming off an Achilles injury that caused him to miss the majority of the second half of the season.  He returned for one game but couldn't play again.  He seems to be ready for a relatively normal offseason workout program, but teams will certainly be concerned about the injury.  Even still, Steve Buckley of the Boston Herald suggests the Yankees may offer Ortiz a two-year deal.  And Buckley says if they do, the Red Sox should allow Ortiz to walk.

"And if the Bombers offer two years to Ortiz, get in the car and drive the big fella to New York as fast as you can before Yankees GM Brian Cashman changes his mind."
Buckley's main argument against the Red Sox giving Ortiz a multi-year deal is his performance this season prior to the injury.  Ortiz hit .318/.415/.611 with 23 home runs.  In his contract year, Ortiz had a major uptick in performance.  He hit .270/.370/.529 in 2010.

Ortiz is 37-years old and coming off a serious injury.  He may not be the same player he was when the Red Sox made their run to two World Series titles, but he still has some talent left in that large frame.  He can still hit for power and whatever team that signs him will likely benefit from his skills - regardless of how diminishing they may be.

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5 Responses to Red Sox Injury News: David Ortiz Could End Up in New York

  1. If some one in the red sox organization hava a little of brain will understand, David Ortiz is not just a very good player in fact he is the best Dh but more important he is the Nations hart,people love him and we paid the tickets! I hope GM keep that in mind!

    1. I'm actually with you. Do you think there is any merit to the idea that Ortiz is better on a one year contract because he is playing for his money?

    2. I think that David always shown love for his team and fans and he is also interested on manay but I don't think that is the main reason, for being the player who is I think, that he want to close his career being the"Big papi"

    3. He really is the face of the Red Sox now. It's be weird to see him somewhere else.


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